How to Earn Free Crypto in the Crypto World - A Guide to Airdrops in 2023

Every year, the crypto world sees numerous projects that make people around us rich. It’s not just a myth; it’s real. With minimal investment, you can get lucky and receive free tokens from projects. Compared to active trading, airdrops seem to offer lower risks and potentially higher rewards. So, what are these airdrops and how can you participate in them? Generally, it involves getting involved in the early stages of a project or community and receiving rewards from the project team at little or no cost. However, you need to be familiar with some basics and prepare some essential tools.


  1. Firstly, believe in science. If you don’t understand the technology, you’ll be left in the dark.
  2. A Google account. It’s not easy to register, so secure one when possible and maintain it well.
  3. Twitter, often referred to as a copycat of Weibo. Maintain at least one actively, who knows, it might go viral.
  4. Telegram, the place where scams abound. Don’t trust any information blindly, but you should have one just in case.
  5. Metamask, the essential browser wallet in the crypto world.
  6. Mobile wallets like Trust, imToken, TP, etc. Make sure you download the genuine ones to avoid counterfeits.
  7. Overseas app stores, such as an overseas Apple ID for iOS or a Google Play ID for Android. Note that they must be the international versions.
  8. If you have multiple accounts, consider using multiple IP addresses and fingerprint browsers.
  9. For those not fluent in English, use Chrome with translation or dictionary software.

Wallet Accounts: The security of your wallet is of utmost importance, even for seasoned players, as even the most experienced can fall victim to scams.

  1. Wallet software, such as the apps mentioned earlier, Metamask, or even hardware wallets for large assets, or multi-signature wallets.
  2. Generating wallet addresses. Pay close attention to this, as you could become the target of others. Check out my previous videos for details. Separate the wallets you regularly use from those used for airdrops. Prepare hundreds of addresses primarily for ETH/BSC, and a few dozen for other mainnets, depending on the situation.
  3. Keys and mnemonic phrases are critical; never take them lightly. Avoid taking screenshots or storing them on cloud storage. Pay extra attention to security if you’re using an Android device. Physical storage is the most secure method.

Testing Networks: Set up mainstream EVM networks, including common test networks like Ropsten, Kovan, Goerli, etc. Chainlist is recommended for easy configuration. If you’re unwilling to pay gas fees, participating in test networks is a good option. Many projects reward participants in test networks, and if a project becomes popular, the returns can be substantial.

Information: In the crypto world, information is vital, and there are countless ways to access it. Whether you’re good with RSS feeds, indexing, or following KOLs in specific fields, it’s crucial to stay informed. I have also organized and categorized various tools and projects, and I will continue to update them periodically.